BT-PD-63A II – Eldist. PRO 63A

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    • This 3-phase power distributor is designed to improve safety in both mobile, rental and fixed installations.
    • Connections output:
      • 2x CEE (3P+N+E) 32A outlet sockets (3x 32A, 5wire)
      • C32 (32A – 3P+N) 4-POLE automatic circuit breaker per 32A output
      • 3x earthed 16A mains outlet sockets (1 socket per phase)
      • C16 (16A – 1P+N) 2-POLE automatic circuit breakers per 16A socket
    • Connections input:
      • 1,5m long mains input cable (3x 63A, 5wire), equipped with CEE (3P+N+E) 63A inlet plug
      • A 3P+Nole, 30mA residual current circuit breaker protects users against electrical shocks.
    • Accurate digital 3-digit voltmeters per phase
    • Accurate digital 3-digit ampere meters per phase
    • Designed and build to the highest European and international safety standards.
    • Oversized internal wiring for increased reliability!
    • Extremely robust 19″/3U metal housing
    • German 16A blue schukos (CEE 7/4)

    Technical Information

    • Power Input:  IEC60309-standard, CEE-63A industrial plug. 380V–400V / 50Hz, 3phase, 5wire (3P+N+E)
    • Maximum overall power:  44.160Watt (3x 63A)
    • Maximum power per phase:  14.490Watt (63A)
    • Maximum power per 32A-output:  22.080Watt (3x 32A)
    • Maximum power per 16A-output:  3.680Watt (16A)
    • Protection class:  class I (only to be connected to class I outlets)
    • Max. Leakage current:  30mA
    • Automatic fuses / phase 16A:  2x C16 (In=16A, instantaneous tripping current = 5x In)
    • Automatic fuses / phase 32A:  2x C32 (In=32A, instantaneous tripping current = 5x In)
    • Diameter Power cord:   5x 10mm² (H07RN-F 5G10)
    • Diameter internal wiring:  
      • 63A-wires: 6AWG (13,3mm²)
      • 32A-wires: 10AWG (5,2mm²)
    • Size:   19″/3U (274 mm deep)
    • Weight:  9,7 kg   
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